The Cocktail Hour  by A.R.Gurney       Two Rivers Theatre Company
Peter Davies, Forrest Compton, Wendy Barrie-Wilson,  Peg Small Directed by Dennis Delaney

"Cocktail Hour" deserves toast in theatre debut!"

"Rarely is a theatre production of a new theatre company as well mounted as Two Rivers "The Cocktail Hour"... near-to- perfectly acted. Peter Davies and Wendy Barrie-Wilson impress most as brother and sister. Their adult exchanges seem rooted in childhood bonding, and the actors are as supportive of each other as the characters. Davies and Barrie-Wilson find warmth in Gurney's play."
The Two River Times
"Two Rivers. You are terrific already. And those actors...four such admirable performers couldn't have only recently come together and rehearsed. No new cast could hit all the nuances yours did without months of performances under their belts. What works best of all, though, are the scenes between John and Nina. That's because Peter Davies and Wendy Barrie- Wilson convincingly come across as brother and sister. Theirs is the type of ensemble playing that comes only after a long, long time of working together."
The Star-Ledger